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The Golden Refreshing Elixir Extracted from Nature. This Golden yellow beverage which is named as green tea is an elixir of life.

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The Golden Refreshing Elixir Extracted from Nature. This Golden yellow beverage which is named green tea is an elixir of life.

It is rich in antioxidants and helps in retaining vigor, healthy metabolism and enhances body immunity. It acts as a firewall against various diseases.

This beverage is pure, natural, and increases the longevity of human beings as it has been testified in the Okinawa island of Japan.

The high-grown teas from the Nilgiris (Blue Mountains) of South India are among the finest produced anywhere. For over three generations, Darmona Tea has mastered the art of Tea manufacturing to serve you a great cup of tea every time.

Health Benefits of Green Tea

  • Natural source of vitamins and minerals and therefore strengthens the bones and teeth
  • Protests tooth decay and bad breath by inhibiting plaque formation and provides natural fluoride
  • Acts as an antidote to stress and headache
  • Balances body fluid level and prevents dullness
  • Increases memory power
  • Reduces unwanted cholesterol by the action of caffeine with flavonoids by increasing the rate at which calories are burnt in the blood
  • Controls blood pressure and therefore reduces the risk of hypertension
  • Burns excess calories, reduces fat and is an excellent recipe to fight obesity
  • Decreases the risk of developing heart disease, stroke and quickness recovery of heart cells
  • Acts as a diuretic, aids the kidney action and prevents stone formation and constipation
  • Improves lipid and glucose metabolism and prevents sharp increase in blood sugar level
  • The epigallo catechin gallate (EGCG) present in green tea protects cells from damage linked to various cancers, stomach, prostrate,esophagenal, skin cancer, adult leukemia etc.


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 5 reviews
 by S Balachandran
My Mom loves the Green Tea

My Mom simply loves it. She only wants this green tea by Darmona and she would not consider others at all. Thanks Darmona for direct ordering as well.

 by Sampathkumar
Perfect Tea

Tastes very good and its smell while boiling is great.

Perfect Natural leaf tea.

 by Mohammed Ali
Good quality tea.

Good quality tea. Especially Green tea.

 by Vanitha Karthikeyan
The Best Tea ever tasted.

The Best Tea ever tasted. We bought almost 5kgs of tea to give our family n friends sometime back last December. Trust me ever since we n all others are continuously ordering it. No one is even ready to have the tea that they have been using for years. No wonder you have been continuously bagging the golden leaf award. Amazing taste!!!

 by Vahitha Shankar
Tastes very good.

Tastes very good. The aroma while boiling smells natural tea leaf.